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Could This Be The Answer To China’s Question?

Samantha Mitchell



China Blockchain

What’s The Problem?

There has been a significant issue in China recently involving vaccinations. This clearly is a matter of life and death and the Chinese are obviously keen to resolve the problem as soon as possible. There have been several suggestions on how this could have been avoided including the proposal that Blockchain could have been the saviour.

Basically, one large pharmaceutical company has allegedly sold over a quarter of a million units of DPT vaccine which is not 100% safe. These sales were completed soon after the firm was identified as forging information on rabies vaccines. Sadly, this is not the first of these type of fraudulent activities and when it comes to vaccines this is an extremely dangerous game to play. There have been quite a few other reports of DPT – which doesn’t meet the medical requirements – being sold. The general public in China are now wondering how they can protect both themselves and their children when the country’s pharmaceutical industry is in such dire straits.

Blockchain’s Possible Answer

So how can Blockchain help? By managing the data that is held on the vaccines. It is as simple as that. Scarily, one programmer spent just over half a day researching the pharmaceutical industry in China and vaccines especially. Said programmer was able to identify a plethora of vaccines which had issues within this timeframe. That is one solitary programmer working for less than one day. This proves just how serious this problem is in the country. Although the programmer did highlight a few problems in obtaining the necessary data, this can be easily resolved using Blockchain technology. Just one of many ways that Blockchain is proving so effective and successful.

One of China’s most respected Cryptocurrency investors has already suggested that Blockchain would solve all of the problems with vaccinations and is urging the country to adopt this approach. This new generation technology would be able to easily track and trace where vaccinations have come from and where they end up. This would offer complete and utter transparency for the vaccinations and ensure that those that were in any way, shape or form dubious were removed from the market place before causing any unnecessary damage or health issues. This is not an unheard of concept for the country with a couple of the larger retailers already using Blockchain to keep an eye on their food shipments.

What Will Happen?

Obviously it is a bit late in the day now to resolve the current crisis however, it is certainly worth thinking about in the future. There are still quite a few skeptics out there that are not convinced that the latest technology can resolve the vaccination crisis that is happening at the moment. However, is it really worth missing this opportunity to at least try and track vaccinations from the start to the end of their journey to see where the hiccups are occurring? Something needs to be done and done sooner rather than later before tragedy happens over a dodgy vaccination. Hopefully China takes a stand and stamps out this nasty trend.

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