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CoinLion: The First Of Its Kind In Cryptocurrency

Samantha Mitchell



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A platform unlike no other?

CoinLion Platform, which is using Lions as tokens, is hoping to successfully address the needs of the modern day crypto-trader. This trading platform is a new exchange and portfolio management platform designed to make the experience an easy and simple one. CoinLion aims to provide one platform that is controlled and disciplined. This will ensure that the needs of the trader are met especially in the expanding world of digital currency.
CoinLion has issued a token sale which will only be for a limited time only. No tokens will be issued after token sale has closed.
The Lion token will only work within CoinLion, however, it does ensure that it’s community of traders receive some benefits. This includes receiving few discounts on certain trades on different markets. Other incentives of transacting on the same trading platform can be gained by creating portfolios and sharing content on the platform. Read the Whitepaper.

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CoinLion features:

  • Portfolios can be created and managed with ease
  • It provides the simplicity of being able to trade more than one position in a single click
  • The platform is able to trade 1m transactions per second
  • It has a dual blockchain system which ensures data transparency
  • CoinLions first blockchain contains all data which pertains to orders
  • The data pertaining to transactions are stored in the second blockchain.
  • CoinLion supports all major currencies and it continuously makes additions of new currencies
  • Its primary market is in bitcoin and Ethereum, and will also make additions of other cryptocurrencies with time.


crypto coinlionSymbol: LION
Type: ERC20
Presale Start: 3,500 LION / 1 ETH 25 million token cap
Max cap: 250 million (50% of total supply). The unsold tokens will then be frozen and locked up for years.
Total Supply: 500 million
ICO Phase 1 : Dec 18- Jan 7 (3,000 LION/ 1 ETH)
ICO Phase 2: Feb 12- Feb 25 (2,500 LION/ 1 ETH)

Users can spend and earn in Lion.

To earn Lion a user can:

  • Creating and Sharing portfolios with other users
  • Submit research which CoinLion may publish on the platform
  • Allow advertisers to have access to their profile
  • Become top performers to earn Lion.

Lion can be spent by:

  • Following or duplicating other profiles
  • Creating and publishing profiles
  • Using advanced features within management portfolio tools
  • Accessing premium features within their library.


The Team:

The CoinLion platform was created by a strong team of individuals who have spent years building their experience in financial application development. They have 16 members who are at the heart of CoinLion’s foundation. Their leadership consists of individuals who have been part of large businesses and have placed key roles within those cpmpanies.

In Conclusion:

With all the above mentioned information, CoinLion is most definitely a platform with great potential. It offers great features which users who are new traders will appreciate. There is definitely room for a platform such as this in the cryptocurrency. One that will be easy to use, secure and manageable.


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