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Climate Change Research Funded By ZCash Mining

Maciej Borkowski



ZCash Mining

While cryptocurrency and renewable energies have already come together to form an alliance, this time we can witness something on a potentially greater scale. The Harvest project, led by Julian Oliver, has decided to mine ZCash using a 700 watt wind turbine. The goal is funding climate change research.

ZCash Mining To Help Our Climate

Granted, not everyone possesses a 700 watt wind turbine. But the concept is intriguing. It shows that renewable energy sources mix well with crypto, and its mining proceeds can be used for making a positive change. ZCash mining itself is a very interesting prospect, as the coin offers cutting-edge solutions, such as zero-knowledge proofs, an advanced cryptographic technique.

ZCash Mining

Climate change, being a hot topic, is in great need of research funds. While the Harvest project won’t generate significant amounts of money, every single dollar can help. It uses a computer with the NVidia GTX 1080 Ti graphics card, and the wind turbine is used to power it. One card surely won’t do much, as ZCash mining has quite high difficulty, but the turbine means that electricity costs are next to none, thus; pure profit.

Future Prospects of the ZCash Mining “crypto farm”

Set up in Sweden, the country’s citizens can see the operation by visiting the Art Museum in Skovde between 18th September and mid-November. For now, it is not clear which exact climate change research organizations are being considered as donation prospects, but more information is going to surface when the project finishes.

The mid-November deadline does not however mark the end of this project. Currently, the project itself is just a prototype. A more complex, plentiful in hardware and wind turbines „crypto farm” is considered. The whole ordeal is extremely interesting, and let’s hope that the Harvest project keeps it’s promise to fund climate change research.

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