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BTCx, the most advanced version of Bitcoin

Samantha Mitchell




What is BTCx?

There has been a large increase of Bitcoin users over the years due to the popularity of the Bitcoin. This has resulted in exponential growth in the number of payment transactions done. The amount of volume coming in has lead to the Blockchain system locking down. This has forced Bitcoin to look for solutions to solve this issue. Therefore, there is now a need for a program such as BTCx. This platform aims to solve the current problem experienced by Bitcoin by improving upon Bitcoins features and functions overall. BTCx is an alternative to the Bitcoin software, which is written, in a different language to the “stack based language” of Bitcoin.

Initial Coin Offering

The distribution will be conducted through ICO, which is set to begin in the last quarter of 2017 and will end during the first quarter of 2018. The program will be allowed to run during the first 3 months of 2018, and full integration with other systems is expected to be during the last half of the year.
The trade will be on stock markets e.g. HitBTC and EtherDelta at first, with larger exchanges following thereafter. By 2019 BTCx should be up and running with no problems, and 2020 will see more partnerships being formed with big institutions such as banks.
What makes BTCX a better option than Bitcoin?

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What makes BTCx the better is the Turing language used.

BTCx is faster when transacting. The speed is increased through Blockchains that are more advanced than that of Bitcoin. A BTCx block runs 40 times faster than Bitcoin. General block time for Bitcoin is 10min, this is just way to long. BTCx is only 14seconds.
It is more secure.
Users have the chance to create contracts quicker with BTCx
It has cheaper rates
There is a private transaction option on BTCx, which also contributes, to the improved security of using BTCx.

BTCx Initial Coin Offering

Token Information

Symbol: BTCx
Total Supply: 21,000,000.00 BTCx
Decimals: 8

The Future of BTCx

Each month approximately 1200 customers join BTCx. The volumes of transaction are at a record high and with no signs of ever going down. The decentralization of transactions is the main aim of Cryptocurrency but BTCx is not looking to outcast the banks, they have plans to partner up with banks in the future.
Right now, it is the perfect time to investing in BTCx. The plans outlined are those with long-term growth in mind, and those, which will further solidify Bitcoins’ top spot on the virtual currency list. There is great potential for BTCx to move the digital currency world into a much more mainstream area that will benefit all those involved in the project. Visit the website here for more information.


BTCx is more than an upgrade to Bitcoin, which hopes to solve all the internal issues that Bitcoin has faced over the years. It is a platform that has its eyes set on moving the digital currency revolution to the greatest level it can reach.


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