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Bitcoin: Recruitment Is On The Rise

Samantha Mitchell



Bitcoin: Recruitment Is On The Rise

New Contributors Increasing

Finally some good news for Bitcoin in the subject area of recruitment. There are new names appearing as contributors for code, which is fabulous news for the industry. There has certainly been a shortage of developers over the last few years so this is clearly a welcome announcement for those working on Bitcoin. This is especially so for the few developers that have been holding up Bitcoin over recent times.

What Has Happened?

Although there isn’t one single reason for the sudden influx of new contributors, there are several factors that have made the difference. One of which is the fact that there has been a lot of time and money invested in training in Bitcoin and it is likely that these graduates are now available in the marketplace. Current Bitcoin developers are supporting such educational programs to assist with courses and bring on new talent. The courses are now becoming so popular that new sessions have needed to be added to ensure all requests are met. A very positive sign for the future.

What has been surprising to many has been the breadth of experience and knowledge coming into the field now. Those attending courses are not simply developers as was initially expected but include hedge fund managers and even some retirees as well as young girls. This is a great asset for the Bitcoin industry as it ensures fresh new ideas and concepts can be brought into coding. It has also been proven that if there are too many developers working on the same product with very similar backgrounds, bugs can often be found. This is due to the very similar mindset of said developers. However, this is less likely to happen if there is a diversity in the backgrounds of coders working on the same product. The wide range of backgrounds and life experiences of new developers can only enhance the Bitcoin industry.

However, the race is far from over with many of the developers working on Bitcoin doing so as volunteers only. There is light at the end of the tunnel as sponsorships are being brought into the industry and are therefore allowing more developers to actually be employed on a full-time basis. Although the demand still currently overrides the supply, this equation gradually equals out.

It certainly will not be an easy ride, as it is well known how difficult the review process for Bitcoin is. It is not an attractive trait for some and can often cause a lot of irritation amongst developers. New coders especially are noticing how tough and demanding the review process is. The standards for Bitcoin are exceptionally high and it does take a lot of time and effort to meet these strict requirements. But the effort is certainly worth it and those in the industry know just how important it is to have these meticulous standards in place. Bitcoin would not be where it is today without this degree of perfection and reputation.

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