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Bitcoin Lottery Opens for Worldwide Base in Ireland

Ali Raza



Bitcoin Lottery Opens for Worldwide Base in Ireland

Bitcoin Lottery Opens for Worldwide Base in Ireland

Bitcoin just continues to soar higher and higher with each passing day. To say 2017 has been the year for Bitcoin is an understatement, but the cryptocurrency has surely made huge strides and leaps this year. As the market has grown, so has the value of other cryptocurrencies such as Litecoin, Ethereum and many more. It has also created a chance for many companies to take a chance with the new wave and create their own Bitcoin opportunities. Therefore, it’s no wonder that a new Bitcoin lottery has been started.

The new venture, which is being started in Ireland will allow customers to get a chance to win a current jackpot of at least BTC 1,025. The well known Irish lottery firm, Lottoland, is capitalizing on the new Bitcoin trend as many people try to make up for not believing in the cryptocurrency sooner. Now people have a chance to make up, and they can do so in a grand way.

The lottery is not limited to just Irish borders but is open to all. The company requires entrants to guess the six correct numbers in order to get the jackpot prize. Even though the chances of success are very slim, the Irish firm believes that there is a market right now. Lots of opportunists will be hoping to strike gold and at least try the Bitcoin lottery.

Lottoland is an Irish firm which was created back in 2013. It is relatively young compared to other lottery companies but has grown by leaps and bounds since it started. It is one of the most popular lotteries in the country and has courted controversy before in its young past. The company was criticized for allowing its punters to be able to bet on out of country lotteries such as the American Powerball and Europe’s Mega Millions. However, the company has stood strong and now boasts of an avid following in Ireland.

The Lottoland website remarked that due to the recent Bitcoin craze in the world, the company had been moved to join the craze also. The company holds a daily draw at 8:30 pm GMT from Monday to Saturday. The winner has to get the correct 6 numbers for them to be able to claim the jackpot prize. However the company says that they also have small payouts for people who get different combinations. One in seven bets could get a lucky punter a prize of some sort.

The company has also decided to give players the option to receive their winnings in either Bitcoin or flat currency. But of course, that’s only if you win. Players can choose to either get the money in flat currencies or get it sent to their Bitcoin wallet. This is a conundrum for the players because with the rising prices of Bitcoin in the world, getting the prize in Bitcoin might be a lucrative option.

The company is offering punters the chance to change their luck, and it is a company that can be relied upon. With a combined annual revenue of $355 million and at least 300 employees around the world. They have close to six million customers, with many of them outside Ireland. Clearly, the marketing strategy that the company is using is working. The company is enjoying great success right now.

The company’s Irish country manager, Graham Ross, was ecstatic when he was talking to the reporters. He also commented that the company was giving its customers a chance to play in the big leagues of Bitcoin.

Time will tell what the victor of the big jackpot will choose when faces with the Bitcoin or flat cash option. The price of one Bitcoin is increasing with each passing day, with it even getting beyond the means of most investors. Lottoland’s offer is going to surely going to attract some customers and rightly so. The odds will be slim of course, but most people will be tempted to change their lives from having no money to a money guy in no time.

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