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Bitcoin Biggest Wealth Distribution System According to Kenyan Miner

Ali Raza



Bitcoin Biggest Wealth Distribution System According to Kenyan Miner

The Kenya-based cryptocurrency miner, Eugene Mutai thinks that cryptocurrency is the largest wealth distribution system up to date.

During an interview with a Kenyan media outlet, Eugene Mutai, a cryptocurrency miner based in Kenya, stated that the cryptocurrency system will prove to be the world’s most system of wealth distribution ever. Mutai himself is a big believer in the benefits of cryptocurrency as cryptocurrency and blockchain technology enabled him to escape a life of poverty and establish himself as a prominent and respect technology consultant and developer. Mutai is currently engaged in using cryptocurrency to enter the international financial industry.

According to Mutai, cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, will prove to serve as an economic stabilizer on an international scale. Mutai maintains that cryptocurrency will allow average individuals to enter the competitive financial industry that was previously held back by several obstacles. However, the unique decentralized nature of cryptocurrency will open the market to a diverse set of individuals and key players in the industry.

Mutai’s dedication becomes obvious the moment you enter his home. His living space has become an intricate network of mining hardware, which includes several fans to cool his ever-expanding mining rigs. The impressive set of equipment makes it hard to believe that only a year ago, Mutai knew nothing of cryptocurrency.

Mutai’s interest in technology was sparked after he borrowed a friend’s Nokia Symbian S40, a device that is known for being able to download apps, despite it not being an actual smartphone. Since this first-hand encounter with the possibilities of technology, Mutai taught himself HTML and CSS coding, while working as an agricultural worker.

During this time of Mutai’s life, he was living with his mother, in a rural village, with hardly enough money to survive, let alone invest in expensive equipment and coding courses. Eugene and his mother finally relented to move to a rural village from the city after circumstances forced them to. During Mutai’s last year of high school, his mother lost her employment and his twin brother passed, forcing these two to seek more inexpensive costs of living in the rural communities. Shortly after Mutai graduated, he moved back to Nairobi with his uncle in the hope of owning a desktop and stable wi-fi connection.

Since his move, Mutai spent most of his waking hours teaching code to himself, which eventually secured him a position as a computer programmer. Shortly after, Mutai became a consultant for iHub as well as the Nairobi County government.

Currently, Mutai is employed by Andela, a firm that is dedicated to the educating of technology programmers and engineers all over the African continent. However, Mutai is currently most interested in blockchain technology and the promise it holds for the future.

Currently, Mutai runs six different 1080 TI graphics cards. However, he intends to expand his mining rigs in the future by adding two extra GPU’s. However, this would require him to upgrade his home’s current power infrastructure. Mutai mostly mines Zcash and LBRY and states that his utility electricity bills are an average of US$200 per month, significantly higher than that of the average Nairobi home.

In addition, Mutai also intends on investing in initial coin offerings (ICOs). While he acknowledged the risky business of investing into ICOs, he also stated that there’s a certain excitement in the process. He emphasized the importance of doing sufficient research before investing and concluded with saying that you need to be willing to risk, to profit.

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