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Australia Hits Security Head On

Samantha Mitchell



Crytpo Vault

Australia Is Here

Great news is starting to come in from the Southern Hemisphere where Australia is now firmly on the Cryptocurrency bandwagon with both feet. There have been a few projects taking place throughout Australia but things have just taken a huge turn for the better with the launch of its very first Crypto Vault. Timing could not be better either with many worried about the future of this new digital economy after all of the negative news following the continued scams and fraudulent activities across the world. However, this signifies a very positive move for the industry and confirms that things certainly are not all doom and gloom.

The Crypto Vault

Decentralized Capital and Custodian VaultsTwo companies in Australia are involved in this latest development – Decentralized Capital and Custodian Vaults – which will see insured Cryptocurrencies becoming available. The name of the insurer is yet to be announced. The country is very aware that this new generation of finance is something that is here to stay and now is the time to become a lot more involved and a lot wiser. The vault is clearly only the start of things to come for the Cryptocurrency industry in Australia.

It has also become vitally important for the Australian market to secure a Crypto Vault as more and more cyber attacks take place not only in the country but globally. Both companies involved are very aware of the security issues surrounding the Cryptocurrency industry and are doing everything they possibly can to try and resolve this with their project. The two partners involved wanted to turn a negative into a positive and tighten up the market. They have made access to people’s Cryptocurrencies possible through physical surveillance, biometric identification, pin codes and CCTV monitoring to name a few. Everything has been checked and double checked to make sure the offering to customers is market ready and as tight as possible. The aim is that the hard work that has already taken place will boost people’s confidence in Bitcoin and the rest of the Cryptocurrency marketplace. This new generation of finance and technology can then take off as hoped with everyone making the most of the huge benefits that the industry can offer.

In The Future

Those involved in this momentous partnership are not 100% sure that Bitcoin will be everlasting however there is a definite future for Blockchain and its technology. It remains to be seen for all of us whether Bitcoin will last but no matter what the very best news is that fraudulent activity is finally being tackled head on. This is something that others could certainly learn from instead of allowing the hackers to win the constant battle time and time again. It really is time to stand up and be counted and although things have certainly been quiet from the Southern Hemisphere, this latest news really could firmly place it on the Cryptocurrency map. Hopefully soon we will start to see a much needed drop in the number of fraud cases reported and a growth in the pick up of investors and people involved in Cryptocurrencies.

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