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Artificial Intelligence Is Already Here

Samantha Mitchell




As we begin to see the wonders of Blockchain around the world with more and more countries and companies using the latest in technology to improve operations and efficiency, there are now glimpses of artificial intelligence coming into play. As with Blockchain, the full impact that artificial intelligence can have is still very much unknown. However, there are great hopes for it’s future. And as more become confident with the newest that technology can offer, artificial intelligence becomes more popular with more projects featuring it. Here is a sneaky look at a few that are already underway:

SingularityNET And Sophia


This is a very well known project due to the launch of robot Sophia. The Blockchain and artificial intelligence innovation caused a stir because one of its outcomes, Sophia, became the very first robot to gain citizenship. SingularityNET is a marketplace developed solely to support and provide finance for artificial intelligence concepts. The marketplace is – as expected – decentralized and the algorithms that are used come from all around the world making it an extremely international affair. It brings together both companies and developers offering them a place to network as well and buy and sell. New projects can be pulled together on SingularityNET too. It really is a one stop shop. The founder of SingularityNET is now working towards furthering the work already done on Sophia (hearing, sight and empathy) with the addition of a brain to the robot. This work is not far off so watch this space!

The AICoin Platform

Another great Blockchain and artificial intelligence solution which gives its users the opportunity to both trade and invest in Cryptocurrencies. The beauty is that customers can maximise the profit that they can make through artificial intelligence which enables unique patterns to be isolated. By chasing said patterns which are providing a profit, customers can really use artificial intelligence to their benefit. Although those using the AICoin platform do need to buy tokens to start the whole process off, through the use of the latest smart contract technology customers can then vote for a trade. This project is already extremely popular and successful and provides both short and long term profits. The team behind AICoin are absolutely devoted to the cause ensuring that their users gain
the most from their activities.

Saving On Peculium

The third off the Blockchain and artificial intelligence pairings is savings solution Peculium. The aim behind this to encourage its users to save through the more traditional savings plans as well as mixing this with the new digital economy of Cryptocurrencies. This is a new and exciting concept with a very experienced team of both traders and developers sitting behind and driving the project forward. Over $8 million of funding has already been raised to support this initiative. In this case, the artificial intelligence makes the crossover between the more traditional approach into Cryptocurrencies seamless.

There is so much to be explored with both both Blockchain and artificial intelligence in their owns rights but who knows what the future can hold by putting these two together. The synergy and possibilities are endless.

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