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Antminer G2 – the Latest Mining GPU From Bitmain

Maciej Borkowski



antminer g2

Bitmain, the largest mining ASIC producer in the world, has diversified into GPU powered mining rigs with Antminer G2 and G1. As GPU mining has picked up pace in the recent years, there surely is a demand for such a product. AMD and NVidia too have decided to release such products. The G1 is configured with 8x NVidia 1060 mining GPUs and requires an external GPU. The G2 is loaded with 8x AMD 570 mining GPUs, in a rack mount case with an integrated PSU.

Let’s take a look at the Antminer G2 specs

Antminer G2 Rack MountCPU: Intel Skylake-s G3900-LGA1151, PCH-B150
Memory: 8GB UDIMM, DDR4 -2133
Hard disk: 1 x 2.5inch Sata 128G SSD
Ethernet: 1 x 10M / 100M / 1000Mbps (Intel I210-AT)
USB interface: 2 x USB3.0
Display interface: 1 x VGA
Graphics card: 8 x AMD Radeon RX570, GDDR5
8x GPU backplane
Calculus: ETH Hash Rate: 220MHash ± 10%, Zec 2800h ± 10%
PSU 1600 watt Bitmain PSU
Weight: 15Kg (including power supply)
Antminer G2 Data Center GPU Mining Rig

The Antminer G2 weighs over 15kg, making it quite heavy for such a piece of hardware. It is rack-mountable, but this is not a neccessity. It runs CentOS 7 on it’s SSD, although it is compatible with Windows 10 and any other operating system. It is recommended to start it first time with a monitor, keyboard and mouse to setup remote login info, secure and get IP. The G2 is very loud with 6x 5in high CFM fans — they are set to run at high speed.

It comes with Claymore ETH+ 9.7 preloaded. Its setup is quite straightforward. We used Dwarfpool in ETH-only mode, as Claymore ETH miner allows for dual mining a second coin. The Antminer G2 quickly got up to 222 MH/s poolside and sustained it for 24 hours. It was then set up in dual mining mode, adding Decred at Suprnova pool. ETH mining reached 219 MH/s and Decred 1740 to 1847 MH/s sustained. Dual mining pulled 1284 at the wall using stock settings. ZCash averages to 3043h with stock settings.

The Verdict on Antminer G2

The Antminer G2 is a well-set up GPU rig that offers the convenience of an all-in-one package that houses 8 GPUs and the PSU. Cabling inside is very clean leaving room for lots of airflow. The backplane eliminates the need for extra risers and the cables with extra PSU connections that go with them. If you want fully built GPU miners the Antminer G2 is a great choice.

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