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AMD Announces Second Generation Zen2 Processor Released At Computex 2018

Samantha Mitchell




In keeping with the theme of AMD’s announcements at Computex – where showcasing of its various 7nm tech took place, the EPYC Zen2 processor was introduced, the latest from AMD, with AMD confirming a production process for its latest CPU at only 7nm. Whether or not AMD’s tradeoff in investment time and money to jump to the 7nm process already was worth it, remains to be seen. But the anticipation is building with each new 7nm announcement. Whilst the announcement was a brief one, with AMD CEO Lisa Su not even showing the dies of the CPU when announcing it, the announcement was still an exciting one for all of us.

Release Schedule

AMD have announced that the initial plan for the Zen2 is an introduction on the EPYC platform, with consumer release predicted during the first few months of 2019. This means that the Zen2 is expected to sample in the next few months, with the industry excitedly looking forward to the results of the sampling. AMD’s predicted timeline is of course great news for fans of AMD, with Intel only expecting shipping of their top of the line 10nm processors in the first quarter of 2019. Testing of the Zen2 is already taking place, with AMD happy with the progress it has seen.

Adoption of AMD Processors

cpuThe AMD Ryzen has made big inroads for AMD. The generally positive response to the first gen of AMD EPYC processors has allowed AMD the opportunity to prove that its divergence from what has worked for Intel in the past was not change for change’s sake. Confidence, particularly in the datacentre market, improved and AMD now holds a stable and solid piece of the CPU market share. Following these positive steps, AMD (and the community at large) are predicting that adoption of the second generation EPYC Zen2 processors should be even bigger, given the familiarity that has developed between consumers and AMD processors in recent times. This is, of course, assuming that the Zen2 processors live up to the high expectations everybody has for them.

Rumoured Specifications

AMD have confirmed that the latest iteration of its EPYC processors will use the identical SP3 sockets that have proved so popular over the last few years. However, that’s where fact ends and we’re forced to go into guesswork regarding the specs of the processor. The most recent rumors coming out of the blog and Twittersphere are that the Zen2 is likely to be blessed somewhere between 12 and a whopping 16 cores. This is, we must stress, only a rumor and a rumor that hasn’t been universally well-received, with many thinking that 16 cores in that space would amount to overkill. There would be serious complaints from all investing in AMD’s top of the line processors currently, like the Threadripper 2, which comes with a 32 thread 16 core (the 1950x model) already, and which would be superseded by the rumored Zen2 in just a few months. All things considered, the likely core-count for the Zen2 is 12.

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