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Air P2P ICO – The Only Cloud-Based P2P PC Platform In The World

Samantha Mitchell




What is AirP2P?


Air P2P seeks to offer its users seamless and flowing connectivity, giving them flawless and uninterrupted gaming experience while on this platform. With help from a great feature as that, users on this platform will be able to earn some incentives whenever they upgrade their machinery annually.

This is because they will be able to rent the machines for a much lesser cost. Just as it is common with some Initial Coin Offerings currently on the market, AirP2P ICO has been introduced to raise a considerable amount that can be used to develop and upgrade the main Air P2P platform.


Token: P2P
Pre-ICO Start Date: 18th May 2018
Pre-sale End Date: 3rd June 2018
Total Number of Tokens: 330,000,000 P2P
Pre-Sale Start Date: 3rd June 2018
Pre-Sale End Date: 3rd July 2018
Main Token Sale: 3rd August 2018 to 15th September 2018
Price: 1 ETH = 687,500 P2P

Website | Whitepaper

The Features of Air P2P

airp2p• One feature that sets this entire platform is the fact that it is capable of settling some of the issues faced by common people. Since some of the systems available on the market today are highly priced, AirP2P intends to introduce a system that will solve this particular issue not only ethically but also innovatively.

• The AirP2P system will mainly work for the students, as well as established graphic designers who want to make things easier for them in the market. Despite the fact that this system is set to thrive on the modern generation’s gaming appetite, the professional Arcadia would also greatly contribute to its growth.

• The platform will make sure that all the consumers here get unlimited access to an upgraded system without the need of advancing or transform the kind of machines they are using at the moment.

• Affordability is one of the things that users on this platform are currently dealing with. This is due to the ever-increasing price of top-notch configurations across the whole the global market. AirP2P will also be of much assistance to graphic design students as it would allow them to rent high-end systems that they would use in their assignments and projects.

• The AirP2P also introduce a payment system that is so easy to set up and use. This will enable the students to rent their systems into the network so that they can be used by a number of other users. This is one thing that will make the affordability index go up and give many people an opportunity to afford the services provided by these high end-services.

• AirP2P comes with a symbiotic network that would get rid of the international crisis driven by exponential costs normally linked to high-end PCs.

• Low latency is another thing that this project would address. Given the fact that users across the globe would be renting out their systems over the network, an international network will be formulated to make it easier for renting computing technology from anywhere.



The great team behind this amazing project will ensure the ICO is carried out in three phases and over thirty billion tokens shall be dispatched. The tokens that shall not have been used in the Initial Coin Offerings shall then be burned later on.

Some of its features make it one of the best Initial Coin Offerings that are on the market currently. Read more on the whitepaper before you join this amazing team.

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